Overview of Accounts

Your contributions to the accounts are deducted from your bi-weekly paychecks before taxes are withheld, so you are paying for eligible expenses with tax-free dollars! The City of Dallas offers two different FSAs:

The Employee Medical Spending FSA is for eligible health care expenses for you and your dependents. If you decide to participate, you must follow the deposit amount guidelines outlined on the next page. Per the IRS, you generally cannot participate in our Health Care FSA if your spouse/domestic partner is enrolled in a Health Savings Account.

The Dependent Care FSA is for dependent day care expenses and may be used for:

  • Children Under 13
  • Any child who is physically or mentally incapable of self-care
  • An elderly parent who is dependent upon you for support and needs care while you are at work


  Employee Medical Spending FSA Dependent Care FSA
What It’s For Eligible medical, dental, and vision expenses Dependent day care expenses
Maximum Deposit $2,500 annually Single, head-of-household, or married filing jointly: $5,000 annually

Married, filing separately: $2,500 annually

Accumulation of Funds Your account is credited with your annual deposit amount at the beginning of each participation period Money must be accumulated in the account before withdrawn

How to Use Your Funds

There are several ways to use your FSA funds:

  • When UnitedHealthcare processes your claim (medical, dental or vision) or CVS Caremark processes your pharmacy claim, the patient responsibility on the claim will “roll over” to the FSA account. As long as there are available funds, you will receive a reimbursement from your FSA account. Please note, if you are also enrolled in the HRA Medical Plan, the medical claim will roll over to your HRA account first and then to your FSA account after your HRA funds have been used.
  • Your Medical Spending FSA comes with a convenient Optum Bank MasterCard that allows you to pay for eligible expenses anywhere that MasterCard is accepted.
  • All other eligible expenses would require you to file claims for reimbursements. However, you can sign up for Direct Deposit using the Account Settings on www.myuhc.com. This allows your FSA reimbursements to be automatically deposited into your savings or checking account.