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Abacus Short Term Disability

AbacusShort Term Disability Insurance is an income replacement plan that pays a percentage of your salary if you become temporarily disabled, meaning that you are not able to work for a short period of time due to sickness or injury (excluding on-the-job injuries, which are covered by workers compensation insurance). Your short-term disability insurance provides you up to 60 percent of your pre-disability salary for up to six months. Payments from disability insurance can be used for anything you need, like mortgage payments, groceries, car payments or college tuition. Whatever your expenses, disability insurance payments can help keep your life on track, even when your health isn't.

Abacus Long Term Disability

AbacusLong Term Disability insurance picks up where short-term disability insurance leaves off. Once the short-term benefits expire, long-term disability insurance pays a percentage of your salary (up to 60 percent). The benefits last until you can go back to work or for up to two years. Payments from disability insurance can be used for anything you need, like mortgage payments, groceries, car payments or college tuition. Whatever your expenses, disability insurance payments can help keep your life on track, even when your health isn't.

Aflac Hospital Confinement Indemnity

aflacSeries A49000 (TX Only)

No matter how good your major medical insurance is, when you're hospitalized for an injury or illness there will probably be medical expenses and out-of-pocket costs that aren't covered. A hospital confinement indemnity insurance policy from Aflac provides cash benefits to use as you see fit. The benefits are predetermined and paid regardless of any other insurance you have, and you have a choice of applying for basic to extensive hospitalization insurance. Whether you want a plan that provides hospitalization benefits only, or one that also addresses diagnostic procedures and ambulance transportation, Aflac can help.


  • Hospital confinement
  • Hospital emergency room
  • Physician visits (Option 2 only)

Aflac Lump Sum Critical Illness

aflacSeries A73000 (TX Only)

With heart attacks affecting more than 900,000 people each year and strokes affecting about 795,000 people each year,* Aflac's Lump Sum Critical Illness insurance policy can help with the treatment costs of these illnesses and health events. More importantly, the policy helps you focus on recuperation instead of the distraction and stress over the costs of medical and personal bills.

Why Aflac Lump Sum Critical Illness may be the right choice for you:

  • We now offer the option of guaranteed-issue** lump sum critical illness coverage. That means no medical questionnaire is required.
  • A lump sum benefit is paid directly to you upon diagnosis of having had a critical illness event.
  • Your dependent children are covered at no additional cost.
  • Benefits include a Subsequent Critical Illness Event Benefit with no lifetime maximum if you have a recurrence or another critical illness later in life.
  • There are no deductibles, copayments, or network restrictions—you choose your own medical treatment provider.
  • HSA compatible option available.

Critical illness events covered by the Lump Sum Critical Illness policy include:

  • Coma
  • End-Stage Renal Failure
  • Heart Attack
  • Major Human Organ Transplant***
  • Paralysis
  • Stroke

Individual coverage is underwritten by American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus. This is a brief product overview only. The policy has limitations and exclusions that may affect benefits payable. Refer to the policy for complete details, limitations, and exclusions.
* Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics, 2012 Update, American Heart Association.
** Subject to eligibility requirements.
*** Not covered on HSA compatible plan.

Aflac Accident

aflacSeries A35000 (TX Only)

After an accident, you may have expenses you've never considered. Can your finances handle them? In addition, your regular bills, such as the mortgage or rent, car payments and utility bills don't stop when you're recuperating from an accident. It's reassuring to know that an accident insurance policy from Aflac can be there for you through the many stages of care, from the initial emergency treatment or hospitalization, to follow-up treatments or physical therapy.


  • Wellness
  • Hospital confinement
  • Follow-up treatment
  • Emergency treatment
  • Physical therapy

Aflac Cancer Care

aflacSeries A78000 (TX Only)

Chances are you know someone who's been affected, directly or indirectly, by cancer. You also know the toll it's taken on them — physically, emotionally, and financially. Aflac's Cancer Care insurance policies pay cash benefits upon initial diagnosis of a covered cancer, with a variety of other benefits payable throughout cancer treatment. You can use these cash benefits to help pay out-of-pocket medical expenses, the rent or mortgage, groceries, or utility bills — the choice is yours.


  • Cancer wellness
  • Hospital confinement
  • Radiation therapy
  • Surgical/anesthesia
  • Injected and oral chemotherapy
  • Skin cancer surgery

Aflac Short-Term Disability

aflacHave you considered what would happen if you became disabled, and couldn't go to work? How would you pay the bills that won't go away, just because your paycheck is gone? That's where Aflac short-term disability insurance can help make the difference. The difference that means you will still have a source of income and a financial cushion to help take care of your bills while you're taking care of yourself.


  • Benefits for both total and partial disability
  • Guaranteed-renewable to age 75
  • Variety of benefit periods and elimination periods
  • Option of guaranteed-issue coverage available

Allstate Universal Life Insurance

allstateLosing a loved one can be devastating. Final expenses and daily bills shouldn't add to the stress. With Universal Life Insurance from Allstate Benefits, you can get the coverage you need today to help protect your loved ones during one of life's most difficult times.

Life insurance is the #1 asset used for bills when a wage earner dies.†

Coverage Highlights

Our coverage pays a cash benefit that can be used as your beneficiary sees fit. It can help cover funeral expenses, medical expenses, debts and more. It can also help provide financial security during life-changing events that occur as you age and your needs change. Fund value accumulation allows for loans and withdrawals when needed.

This coverage may be right for you if...

  • You're the primary wage earner
  • You have regular debts, like mortgage, car payment, credit cards

How it works

Premium payments are deducted from your paycheck and added to the fund value which earns at least 4% interest annually. Each month, expenses and cost of insurance charges are deducted from the fund value and any excess in the fund continues to earn interest. Interest is not taxed as income until it is withdrawn.*


  • Up to $150,000 guaranteed issue**
  • Affordable premiums
  • Tax benefits*
  • Withdrawals and loans*

Included with your Universal Life

  • Accelerated Death Benefit for Long-Term Care – Pays an advance of the death benefit as a monthly benefit for qualified long-term care services after a 90-day elimination period
  • Accelerated Death Benefit for Terminal Illness or Condition – Provides an advance of the death benefit
  • Total Disability Premium Waiver – Pays the planned premium when the insured employee is totally disabled for at least six months

Optional coverage***

  • Spouse Universal Life Coverage – Available with employee coverage
  • Children or Grandchildren Coverage – Available with employee coverage

† Insure your Love: Facts from LIMRA 2013

* Partial withdrawals, surrenders, non-qualified additional benefit rider charges and loans from life insurance policies may be subject to ordinary income taxes and possibly an additional 10% federal tax penalty. Outstanding loan balances and withdrawals generally reduce the death benefit and cash value.

With proper planning, the death benefit can pass to your beneficiaries free from state or federal estate taxes. Please consult with your tax advisor for specific information.

**You may be required to answer health questions at enrollment. Coverage may be available with reduced underwriting through your employer during your initial enrollment period. If you enroll after your initial enrollment period, answers to health questions are required.

*** Coverage for spouse and child(ren) is limited to the insured's face amount.

The coverage and riders have exclusions and limitations. For details of the insurance, including exclusions, restrictions and other provisions, please contact your Allstate Benefits representative. Allstate Benefits is the marketing name used by American Heritage life Insurance Company (Home Office, Jacksonville, FL), a subsidiary of The Allstate Corporation. Underwritten by American Heritage Life Insurance Company. ©2014 Allstate Insurance Company

Legal Shield

LegalShieldLegalShield gives you the ability to talk to an attorney on any legal matter, no matter how trivial or traumatic, all without worrying about high hourly costs. Everyone deserves legal protection. And now, with LegalShield, everyone can access it.

The Legal Plan Membership Includes:

  • Legal Advice – unlimited legal issues*
  • Letters/calls made on your behalf
  • Contracts & documents reviewed (up to 10 pages)*
  • Attorneys prepare your Will, your Living Will and your Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Moving Traffic Violations
  • Trial Defense including Pre-Trial & Trial Representation
  • IRS Audit Assistance
  • 25% Preferred Member Discount (Divorce, Bankruptcy, Criminal Charges, Other Matters, etc.)
  • 24/7 Emergency Access for covered situations
  • Online legal forms

LegalShield legal plans cover the member; member's spouse; never married dependent children under 21 living at home; dependent children under age 18 for whom the member is legal guardian; never married, dependent children up to age 23 if a full-time college student; and physically or mentally challenged dependent children.

The LegalShield Identity Theft Membership Includes:

Everything you would expect with great Identity Theft Protection, PLUS expert identity restoration services.

  • Up-to-date Credit Report with Personal Credit Score and Analysis
  • 24/7 Continuous Credit Monitoring with Activity Alerts
  • Comprehensive Restoration Service by licensed experts at Kroll Advisory Solutions

LegalShield Identity Theft plans cover the member and member's spouse. Coverage is available for up to 8 minor children for an additional $.50 per pay period.

* Nevada residents receive up to 50 hours of phone consultation and five personal document reviews per year. This is a general overview and is for illustrative purposes only. Plans and services vary from state to state. See a plan contract for your state of residence for complete terms, coverage, amounts, conditions and exclusions.


TeladocTeladoc, founded in 2002, is the first and largest telehealth provider in the nation. Teladoc's board certified, U.S.-based doctors can resolve many medical issues, 24/7, 365 days a year, through the convenience of phone or video consults. Teladoc doesn't replace your primary care physician, but is a convenient option for quality care when needed.

In recent years, telehealth and telemedicine have gained increasing attention and is regarded as a viable part of a national health care solution to reduce costly and unnecessary urgent care and ER visits. Industry experts consider Teladoc a convenient way for patients to access quality care 24/7. Teladoc can be accessed from home, work, on vacation or while traveling in the U.S. or internationally. You can use Teladoc as often as needed and there is no limit on the number of your dependents that can use Teladoc services. With a national network of experienced physicians, you don't need to wait for care and will always speak with doctors who are licensed in the state you live.

Advantages of Teladoc

  • Talk to a doctor anytime, anywhere
  • Receive quality care via phone or online video
  • Prompt treatment, average call back in 17 minutes
  • A network of doctors that can treat children of any age
  • Secure, personal and portable electronic health record (EHR)
  • No time limit on consults

Teladoc also offers the latest in innovation with their mobile applications in Apple and Android platforms allowing you to set up,access and manage your account, as well as conduct video consults from your mobile device.